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Monday March 25, 2019 — Our lawyers are providing free consultations to corn producers and other members of the U.S. grain industry.

You may be entitled to compensation for significant loss of trade with China.

In November 2013, China began rejecting shipments of U.S. corn products because of contamination by unapproved GMOs.

Losses to the industry have now reached up to $2.9 billion.

We invite you to speak with our lawyers at no cost and learn how to recover your fair share.

Lawyers Allege Negligence Against Syngenta

Syngenta released two biotech corn traits in the U.S. before receiving approval in key export markets:

  • Agrisure Viptera (MIR 162)
  • Agrisure Duracade (Event 5307)

Evidence suggests Syngenta failed to channel these traits away from the general domestic corn supply, resulting in widespread contamination of U.S. crops and grains.

After detecting the presence of unauthorized GMOs, Chinese regulators issued a zero-tolerance policy for contaminated U.S. imports.

Major trade disruptions occurred that continue to affect the corn industry.

Lawyers allege Syngenta prematurely commercialized these genetic seed traits in order to maximize profits despite the risk of devastating economic consequences.

In April 2014, the National Grain and Feed Association projected that the combined impact of Viptera and Duracade on international trade could ultimately account for as much as $6.3 billion in losses industry wide.

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Our lawyers are reviewing claims to compensate corn farmers and other industry participants for ongoing economic harm.

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